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Missing You / Mrs L(mother-in-law)
Today I have been watching videos of the the past with many tears and miss you in our family.  You are in God's hands and think of you every day.  We will always be here to help and watch over Aimee.  She is so strong and we are so proud of her.  Love you lots.   
To My Beloved / Alzy(Wife)

You had a talent for bringing special meaning to life,
It was such a pleasure to be your wife.
You helped me to grow and to realize
The fullness and the beauty in our lives.
Every day I counted my blessings.
Then God called, and you went away
Out of this world to a brighter day.
Suddenly my life of gladness
Turned to utter sadness.
My grief wears me down, I shed so many tears,
As I recall your love and devotion through the years.
For your sake and in memory of your name,
I pray for strength to do things the same.
To reach out, to fill the hours with useful ways,
To comfort, to cheer and have no more empty days.
I try to console myself -- it was God's greater plan,
So I must accept it, if I can.
You moved away to His splendid home above,
If there is life after death,
I know you will be waiting there for me,
With love.
Though Heaven and Earth divide us, and the distance is so great,
I count my blessings for the years you were my mate.
I will live my life remembering, while you wait, slumbering.
My beloved, may you rest in peace.

~I BELIVE~ / Alzy(Wife)

I BELIEVE........ Every now and then, Soft as breath upon my skin, I feel you come back again, And it's like you haven't been Gone a moment from my side, Like the tears were never cried, Like the hands of time, Are holding you... and me And with all my heart I'm sure, We're closer than we ever were, I don't have to hear or see, I've got all the proof I need There are more than angels watching... over me I BELIEVE ... Oh, I BELIEVE That when you die your life goes on, It doesn't end here when you're gone, Every soul is filled with light, It never ends ..and if I'm right... Our love can even reach.. across.. eternity..! I BELIEVE... Ooh, I BELIEVE Forever, you're a part of me....., Forever, in the heart of me......, I will hold you even longer, if I can...! Oh, the people who don't see the most See that I believe in ghosts If that makes me crazy, Then I am... 'cause I believe! Oh, I believe...! There are more than angels watching.. over me! I BELIEVE Oh, I BELIEVE... Every now and then, Soft as breath upon my skin, I feel you come back again... ......AND I BELIEVE.

Thinking of you!!! / Alzy(Wife)
I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and days before that too,
I think of you in silence I often speak your name
All I have are memories and your picture in a frame
Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part
God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart.
My poem to you, my darling.... / Alzy(Wife and best friend)

i carry your heart with me


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