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December 12
Daniel Zamora was born in Pittsburg, California on December 12, 1958.
July 11
Dan went to the doctor with a mild persistant stomach pain and they ran an ultrasound and CT scan.
July 12
Dan and Aimee were told by Dan's doctor that he had a mass on his pancreas.
July 13
Dan and Aimee met with a surgeon and were told Dan had stage IV pancreatic cancer.
July 18
Dan underwent 7 hours of major surgery. They removed his spleen, 70% of his pancreas, and several lymph nodes.  It was discovered during surgery that the cancer had spread to his liver. The doctor did what he could to remove the cancer spots on his liver but he began bleeding internally. They rushed him into surgery for another two hours and after almost loosing him, they got the bleeding to stop.
July 26
Dan comes home from the hospital.
August 14
Dan begins chemotherapy.
November 12
Created a CaringBridge Website to keep family and friends up-to-date on Dan's treatment. To see postings, view Journal from main page.
December 12
Dan's 50th birthday.  Aimee rushes Dan to hospital due to excessive leg swelling and illness. He is admitted and stabilized.
December 19
Dan comes home from hospital to hospice care.
December 28
Dan passes away at 9:20 p.m. on December 28, 2008, with his wife, furballs, and brother Robert by his side. Rest in peace sweet Angel!!!!
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Daniel Zamora

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